Get Your Racing Licence

There are many advantages of getting your race licence – even if you don’t intend to go racing.

Getting your circuit racing licence isn’t as daunting as you may think.

Completed in just half a day, you will start with a simple written test proving your knowledge of flags and general track safety. This is followed by a short session on track to prove you understand the racing line and are in control of the car. That’s it! Depending on your age, you may also require a medical and eye test.

There are many advantages to completing your ARDS (Association of Racing Driver Schools) test.

Test Days

Different to track days, test days are only for racing cars and those with a race licence. Cars are generally closer in performance compared to track day roads cars, and the standard of driving is of a higher quality.

Test days also permit live lap timing, allowing us to track your performance during the day closely. Furthermore, unlike a track day, overtaking is permitted in the corners, as well as on the straights.

Ultimately, test days generally have far fewer cars on track and higher noise limits, so no getting stuck behind that pesky Renault Clio, or being warned for making too much noise!

Try a Race

If you have a race licence, there are a huge range of options to enter your first race and it doesn’t have to be in a Ferrari. We work closely with a number of teams to provide fun and inexpensive race experiences such as Mazda MX5s, Funcup and Porsche Boxsters. Each race you complete will get you closer to upgrading your licence, allowing you to race higher-powered machinery, such as a Ferrari.

Sound good. Where do I start?

Order your Motorsport UK ‘Go Racing’ Pack. Just £109, the pack includes all the information you need to pass your ARDS test, as well as the application form. You can order one by clicking the following link.

And then?

Get your medical and eye test (if required) and give us a call. We can conduct your ARDS test on any of our UK track days. We can organise a car for you to use on the day, or you can use your own. Alternatively, you can do a specific ARDS course with a race school.